My First Book of  Shapes - Tidels

My First Book of Shapes

By Tidels

  • Release Date: 2015-03-10
  • Genre: Education


Learning Shapes is an educational game for young children. Shapes teaches while it entertains. “My First Book of Shapes” is a simple and exciting learning book for teaching kids different shapes and their names. The book helps to build the skills and knowledge of your child in a playful manner. The young player will be taught to distinguish between different shapes and apply that knowledge in real life. Tidels present different figures, including circle, rhombus, square, rectangular, oval, polygon, triangle etc, shapes have been categorized into two groups two dimensions & three dimensions. 
The name of each object is pronounced clearly and distinctly.

My First Book of Shapes is the choice of moms and dads, as the app helps develop fine motor skills, imagination, memory and attentiveness in children. Tidels bring you the best interactive book on Shapes for kids to master the skills effortlessly  and with pleasure.