Mostly A Mystic: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life - D. Patrick Miller

Mostly A Mystic: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life

By D. Patrick Miller

  • Release Date: 2014-12-14
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


"a constantly touching and insightful memoir..." — from the Foreword by JACOB NEEDLEMAN

Twenty-five years in the making, the spiritual memoir of Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller is now available in print. MOSTLY A MYSTIC: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life tells the story of how a young investigative reporter transformed into a modern mystic. Along the way, he has played a significant role in furthering the public awareness and understanding of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) as both a spiritual journalist and an independent publisher.

"I had to confess long ago that I'm mostly a mystic," says the author, "mainly because I am so often mystified." Chronicling a childhood marked by an emotionally disturbed family life and a young adulthood transformed by a seven-year illness and spiritual crisis, Miller tells a story that will reverberate powerfully with readers who have faced their own challenges in a "spiritual but not religious" age of rapid and tumultuous change. The book features a Foreword by the author's long-time mentor, philosopher Jacob Needleman.

A collection of autobiographical essays published over 25 years in such magazines as Yoga Journal and The Sun, plus new writing, MOSTLY A MYSTIC explores astral projection, disillusionment with gurus, growing up with a bipolar parent, surviving and thriving after a serious illness, the meanings of home and homelessness, ending one's religion, the expense of not selling out, and what it's like to study and practice A Course in Miracles over the long haul... as well as a lot more. For anyone who has contemplated the progress and significance of their own unconventional spiritual path, MOSTLY A MYSTIC will provide a wealth of reassurance and information confirming that you are not alone.