The Insider Threat - Brad Taylor

The Insider Threat

By Brad Taylor

  • Release Date: 2015-06-30
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 882 Ratings


In the eighth action-packed thriller in the New York Times bestselling Pike Logan series, ISIS, the most maniacal terrorist organization the modern world has ever seen, is poised to make their most audacious strike yet. 

The United States has anticipated and averted countless attacks from terrorist groups—thanks in large part to the extralegal counterterrorist unit known as the Taskforce. But now, a much more insidious evil is about to shatter the false sense of safety surrounding civilized nations.

While world powers combat ISIS on the battlefield, a different threat is set in motion by the group—one that can’t be defeated by an airstrike. Off the radar of every Western intelligence organization, able to penetrate America or any European state, they intend to commit an act of unimaginable barbarity.

Only Pike Logan and the Taskforce stand in the way of an attack no one anticipates, a grand deception that will wreak unthinkable chaos and reverberate throughout the Western world.


  • Improvement Needed

    By azherrfun
    Having read all the books in this series I can truthfully say Mr. Taylor and this series is not showing improvement. I know special ops folks use call signs. But seriously, Blood, Retro, Knuckles, Koko, etc. Are you kidding me? The novel reads like a comic book. And if you are a new reader to this series and have not read the earlier books you don't have a clue. Taylor needs to step up his character development. My opinion - you would be better served reading others authors who work in this genre, I.e. the thriller novel.
  • Childish

    By Hargow
    I would definitely avoid this book. The characters are childish and the dialogue is just silly. The subject matter is relevant, preventing an IS attack on the homeland but the writing is bad.
  • Great!

    By Scrabble tile
    Thanks for writing this series, I love it! This is a great continuation of the series, exciting, engaging, and fun to read. I really enjoyed this one - very current!
  • One Hell of a Thriller

    By Volley Dad
    A great storyline that is relevant to today's world. Pike Logan, Jennifer and the Taskforce once again come through to save the day. This book kept me on the edge because it could just as well be front page news instead of a work of fiction. Kudos to Brad Taylor for once again weaving a great story.
  • Fell asleep many times

    By Dan Vermilion
    Thor is a great writer who has published a number of excellent books. This isn't one of them. It goes on and on, as if the publisher said, "Stretch." It seems to be about staking out or chasing bad guys with much conversation about it. And even more. And then more. Same with the bad guys. Talk and talk. It never stops. Buy another one of Thor's books.
  • The Insider Threat

    By KGI series
    Terrific read couldn't put it down. However, I've read and enjoyed every one of your novels and look forward to the next Pike Logan adventure.
  • A Chore

    By INFJ-male
    I'm a consistent reader and purchaser of Taylor's books. Usually reading a book in two to three days. However, this was a struggle to finish. Perhaps I'm somewhat "a n l" in that I never read an ending before starting at the beginning and reading each page in sequence. While the sample download convinced me to purchase the full version I became confused with the characters, the pacing of action, the somewhat obvious "target" and the confusing switching of characters, places, interactions between the multiple characters...that I found myself struggling to progress for more than a chapter or two. Thank goodness there were just short of 100 chapters of limited length. Thus, a record for me. Twenty-three days! The saving grace of this book was the ending. The only book to eclipse this in disappointment was Dan Brown's last book. Not only did I give up halfway through...I read the ending hoping the end might justify continuing to persevere. Taylor's characters (main) are good and hopefully they'll be used more effectually in his next book. I hope he writes to please himself as in his earlier books and not the publisher. Save your money and check it out from the library.
  • The Insider Threat

    By Lakewaco
    Not as good as some of his other books. Too many people with multiple names and hard to follow at times. Some parts were very good, but overall just a little above average for him.
  • Mailed in

    By Review12abcxyz
    As writers get more popular they try to out do themselves. Then they get to a point where what they have written is so far fetched that the next book cannot out do it. That's when they start to repeat themselves , creating action from nothing , adding nonsensical scenarios, unbelievable dialog, characters that step out of their character. In this book , pike moves from one failed mission to the next. And the people here works for are always wrong, out of step, and belligerent. This book is not one that brad Thor should be proud of.
  • DLP

    By Woods/Barrington
    My least favorite of the Pike Logan series. It is getting a bit ridiculous on how many people he kills.