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  • A little life

    By Alma Adelyn
    Soul wrecking and so beautiful. No words can describe the immense emotion while reading this beautiful piece of art.
  • A little life

    By hiner79er
    I did love this book for making me cry but it was a little long for my liking
  • Fantastic First Half

    By AuteurAuteur
    Then too sad
  • Fantastic

    By AlaynaEngelking
    Couldn’t stop reading. Very captive! Emotional story!
  • The book that made me change my mind

    By 78hi
    I tought this book wasn’t gonna be sad but after reading it it certainly was I was having a good day and saw videos about this book saying it’s sad and emotional so I read it and boy would u know I got devastated I cried so hard every day and I still change my mind about this book. But overall great book 5/5 (10/10) LOVE IT! read this WITH CAUTION.
  • yes 5

    By Whim1954
    It’s a very good book. I got through it in 3 months…a little at a time will do. My one complaint is ditch that sappy, pouty cover. I saw his face through out the book, very annoying.
  • you will never forget this

    By llivianne
    astounding and earth shattering. a story that feels bigger and vaster than a hundred lifetimes
  • Long but worth the read

    By gestev1
    Wow!! I haven’t read a 700 plus book in awhile and I can say this was one that definitely keep my emotions going up and down but it was written so vividly. It is definitely a must read but be ready for a roller coaster.
  • Just an opinion

    By fskif124
    gets kind of boring in the middle, picked it up because of reviews saying that it’s sad, overrated. I think the reviews describing it as “trauma porn” is spot on.
  • It is what it is

    By amandapierce
    I read this based on reviews that said it wrecked them emotionally. I was not disappointed in that effect. I was in fact wrecked, whipped around, laughed, cried, ached in the best and worst ways for the characters. This one goes officially into my top three favorite books of all time.