The Book of Practical Faith - D. Patrick Miller

The Book of Practical Faith

By D. Patrick Miller

  • Release Date: 2014-09-23
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality


More than ever before, many of us are struggling to cope with the trials and tribulations of modern life. In this concise and eloquent volume, D. Patrick Miller inspires us to meet these challenges with a practical faith, which he describes as "the way out of misery, the way into self-knowledge, and the way toward a more fulfilling and effective life."

Miller outlines a path to a "useful spirituality" that can be floowed by anyone with or without traditional religious beliefs. In four lucid steps--Releasing Guilt, Gathering Trust, Practicing Patience, and Learning Transcendence--Miller shows how to develop a practical faith in the midst of everyday life. A journalist by trade who has rediscovered the value of faith after a health and spiritual crisis, he condenses years of personal and professional study into an exceptional synthesis of contemporary wisdom.

In today's tumultuous world, The Book of Practical Faith offers all of us an invaluable gift: a sensible path toward an everyday experience of faith that is at once pragmatic and profound.