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  • Good book

    By Cookson Books
    Good book
  • ❤️ it !

    By Anna kate lovescats
    It was a great book 📚 2 me!
  • Best book ever!

    By HCrev
    I am picky about my books. But Calvin and Hobbes has always been over the top! I read it every night.
  • Ahuman

    By notanalian
    Really good
  • puppielovr

    By umacat114
    Based on the cover, did you really think it’s a children’s book?
  • My childhood

    By gdycvcdg cdv
    Best book of my childhood
  • Some of these just got a “no”.😫

    By annoyingorange823
    Some of these Calvin and Hobbes comics aren’t even good. There sometimes depressing. Like the one with the raccoon. That one was so sad, it barely had any smiling😞. It didn’t even show the raccoon either. And the one with Calvin getting sick early at night. And who can forget the one where Calvin couldn’t sleep. Oh, and the one with Calvin having an awful day. Not all of these comics are funny, you know. But I still like Calvin and Hobbes. It’s the best.
  • Awesome!!!!

    By LuvUrHealth1st
    I looovveee bill Watson I wish I he was a live r.i.p watson you were a good one 👍🏻
  • Terrible

    By puppielovr_8
    It is soooo bad even my 5 year old brother hated it!!!!!! I thought it was a children’s book!!! Also some inappropriate language!!🤬
  • Thank you Mr. Watterson

    By *Shazam666*
    Who hasn’t related to Calvin and Hobbes in one form or another? I laughed til I cried every week! And I am truly grateful for the double big books of the Essential Calvin and Hobbes to keep my in stitches for the rest of my days!