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  • Not in Vegas!

    By Kalebbn
    Beware - this is not a book about Las Vegas. It's a jumpy novel that takes place in LA.
  • Private Vegas

    By Kalley745
    Love these books! Ready for the next one!!
  • Rehash and intro to next book,

    By fjcan2
    I'm very very disappointed and will not buy another Private Series book! Three things are wrong. 1. Much of this book I've read before in the previous book. Instead of informing the reader in one or two paragraphs, the reader has to read again the story from the first book. Boring! Take a hint from Ivanovich's Stephanie Plum books and make the rehash short and sweet. 2. The main stories are a mish-mash of convoluted shorter stories that are poorly packaged together. 3. The ending of the book is not really and ending but instead a segue into the next book! I hate that. So, bottom line, I won't be buying anymore of this series.
  • Horribly Disjointed

    By Jefe4
    I love Patterson novels. Private Vegas was the first collaboration of his that I've read. My guess is Paetro did the writing and Patterson lent his name to it. The book was more like 4 very loosely connected short stories, then one novel. It is truly the worse book I've read, sans a couple statistics books in college. I haven't given up on Patterson, but I'm not going to read another one of his co authored books. Don't waste you're time with this book, but if you haven't read Patterson before, give his solo work a try. He really is good (by himself)
  • Expected better from Private

    By Debcoop109
    I have really enjoyed the concept of the Private series, but this one falls far short of expectations. The main plot is predictable and what should have been the main part of the story - the Vegas part - was virtually glossed over. I was left feeling completely let down and expect a better effort from these authors. Unless you're bored with nothing else to entertain you, I'd skip it and catch up with the next one (if there is one).
  • Private Vegas

    By Not a clue period
  • Private Vegas

    By Mcguirebear
    not so happy with this one. several different stories with very little to tie them together. each on its own could have been better fleshed out and linked to the others.
  • Private Las Vegas

    By Inkaholic1
    I have enjoyed the private series since it has started, however this latest book is sub par at best. Incomplete story lines coupled with two many for one book lead to a unorganized,disjointed read that ruins what so far has been a very well written series by Patterson. If you are a fan of the series do not read this book as it will only leave you disappointed.
  • Disappointed

    By Johnnnbigswolaka87
    I was really hoping this book would be as exciting as the first couple of private books, but I was severely disappointed. The book wasn't really even set in Las Vegas which is disappointing, it talked about the rivalry with the two brothers in lengths which is pointless. If James Paterson's PR people are reading this could I get a refund cause this book was horrible.
  • Disappointed in formulaic Patterson

    By Parplar
    I read all the Private books and was eager to read Vegas-- only 90% of the book is set in LA and feels like a rehash of earlier books. We get to read again about the ongoing strife between Jack and Tommy --including a teaser that will undoubtedly lead to yet another brother vs. brother book. Look- this isn't all bad, I zoomed through it - it's an easy read with 3 or 4 sub plots. I really expected more.