NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette - Nathan W. Pyle

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette

By Nathan W. Pyle

  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 150 Ratings


New York Times Bestseller

Living in New York City for five years as a transplant from Ohio, illustrator and T-shirt designer Nathan Pyle was fascinated by the unique habits and unspoken customs New Yorkers follow to make life bearable in a city with 8 million people (and seemingly twice the number of tourists). In NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, Pyle reveals the secrets and unwritten rules for living in and visiting New York including the answers to such burning questions as, how do I hail a cab? What is a bodega? Which way is Uptown? Why are there so many doors in the sidewalk? How do I walk on an escalator? Do we need be touching right now? Where should I inhale or exhale while passing sidewalk garbage? How long should I honk my horn? If New York were a game show, how would I win? What happens when I stand in the bike lane? Who should get the empty subway seats?  How do I stay safe during a trash tornado? Each tip is a little story illustrated in simple black and white drawings.


  • So Helpful!

    By acollierr17
    I know I'm going to move to New York when I'm done with school. I knew that from the first time I stepped foot in the city. The book and the gifs (+50 points) are so helpful. You have to get this if you plan on living in New York or just moved. But remember. There is so much more that you'll probably learn on your own 😉
  • Fantastic and fun

    By yeled
    Really a lovely little book. The cartoons are animated! Fun! If only the author hadn't, in the end, thanked god for all the gifts in his life or the reference to his theology in the colophon. Not only out of place for a book of cartoons, but unexpected and unwelcome.
  • Animated Fun - Take a stroll through the streets of New York

    By acafaro1
    Via the streets of NYC, Nathan Pyle offers readers his smart and humorous insight into the social etiquette and personal idiosyncrasies of people everywhere. Stylishly illustrated (animated for iOS devices) and written for pleasure reading at home or purposeful use while touring the city, this iBook can be enjoyed by insiders and outsiders who are or want to become familiar with life in The Big Apple.
  • jokey. lots of filler. little useful information.

    By jpnueminic
    this book is disappointing. 75% of the content amounts to 'watch where you're going.' it's repetitive and scolding, not really helpful. (I've lived in New York for 10 years). the tone is mostly lightweight snark. some important, nuanced tips about New York are woefully under-explored. for example, hailing a taxi. the tip reads 'the taxi is occupied if the light on the roof is off; the taxi is vacant when the light is on.' but this is misleading; there are two sets of lights on NY taxi roofs, the outer "off duty" lights, and the inner "driver ID" lights. the taxi is only available if ONLY the inner lights are on. also, another taxi tip mentions taking a 'livery' car instead, but never explains what it is (it's a town-car service, run by various local companies. you have to call to pick you up, you can't hail them in the street, and you can haggle the price down (if you know the geography). also, no mention of Uber, which is fast replacing all that stuff. newcomers (or long-stayers) want nuanced, idiosyncratic information, not superficial life-advice. it feels like the author didn't dig deep enough. also many bodegas have bathrooms if you ask nicely.
  • Out of town friends & fam: READ THIS!!

    By IHeartMyDogs
    How NYers think, in simple pics. Now you, too, can understand us. PS, Move over & read to the side. Thank you!
  • all of this is true

    By i_am_not_linus
    i recently took a trip to NYC for the first time a few weeks ago. i should have read this book prior to going, this is the best tourist guide for NYC out there. i hope Nathan makes one for Tehran next time.