The Loom of God - Clifford A. Pickover

The Loom of God

By Clifford A. Pickover

  • Release Date: 2010-08-17
  • Genre: Mathematics


“A marvelously entertaining, historical romp through the unexpected connections between mathematics and mysticism” (Paul Hoffman, Discover).

From the mysterious cult of Pythagoras to the awesome mechanics of Stonehenge to digitally generated “gargoyles” and fractals, mathematics has always been a powerful, even divine force in the world. In a lively, intelligent synthesis of math, mysticism, and science fiction, Clifford Pickover explains the eternal magic of numbers. Taking a uniquely humorous approach, he appoints readers “Chief Historian” of an intergalactic museum and sends them, along with a quirky cast of characters, hurtling through the ages to explore how individuals used numbers for such purposes as predicting the end of the world, finding love, and winning wars.