The Price of Murder - John D. MacDonald & Dean Koontz

The Price of Murder

By John D. MacDonald & Dean Koontz

  • Release Date: 1986-07-12
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled


The Price of Murder, one of many classic novels from crime writer John D. MacDonald, the beloved author of Cape Fear and the Travis McGee series, is now available as an eBook.
On the surface, they seem like three very different men: Danny Bronson, a cunning ex-con struggling to go straight; his brother, Lee, a former gridiron star turned college professor; and Johnny Keefler, a crooked parole officer who lives for revenge. But they all grew up in the same corner of town, a grim little slum known as “The Sink,” where life is cheap and might makes right. And a story that’s just as dark unfolds when their paths cross as men—at the intersection of brutal violence, illicit liaisons, a “foolproof” scam . . . and the intoxicating allure of cold, hard cash.
Features a new Introduction by Dean Koontz
Praise for John D. MacDonald
The great entertainer of our age, and a mesmerizing storyteller.”—Stephen King
“My favorite novelist of all time.”—Dean Koontz
“To diggers a thousand years from now, the works of John D. MacDonald would be a treasure on the order of the tomb of Tutankhamen.”—Kurt Vonnegut
“A master storyteller, a masterful suspense writer . . . John D. MacDonald is a shining example for all of us in the field. Talk about the best.”—Mary Higgins Clark