The Street Photographer's DNA - Jan Bisbjerg

The Street Photographer's DNA

By Jan Bisbjerg

  • Release Date: 2012-04-02
  • Genre: Photography
Score: 4
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The Street Photographer's DNA

* What is street photography?
* Why does street photography appeal to so many people?
* What is characteristic of good street photography?
* What personal skills does street photography demand of the photographer?
* Which photo equipment is best suited for street photography?

- these are just some of the themes addressed in this book.

Since the book's images reflect questions and answers, this is, in many ways, a practical handbook.

But you should bear in mind that the author does not intend to give definitive answers - because there are none.

Jan Bisbjerg hopes rather to inspire others to grab their cameras, go out into the real world and experience street photography for themselves.

About the author

After several years as a mainstream hobby photographer with focus on holiday, family and leisure, Jan Bisbjerg took a quantum leap and became a street photographer in 2010. 

Throughout most of his life, Jan has worked with human interaction, communication and dissemination. He has worked most recently with proliferating IT knowledge from the academic world to the vibrant business community.
So Jan feels entirely at home with both photographic technologies and inter-personal communication.

Jan thrives in crowds and in public spaces, where he uses varied and situation-adapted photo gear to mirror and interpret the fascinating events of everyday life.

In particular Jan sees the challenge in the paradox inherent to street photography:
* On the one hand, everything is so simple. Grab your camera, leave the house, start shooting
* And, on the other hand, really good street photography demands so much in terms of personal and technical skills.

As a man who is relatively new to street photography, Jan is very conscious that he still has much to learn. But, as he sees dialogue and the exchange of experiences as essential to wisdom, he has chosen to put forward his preliminary thoughts and findings for discussion and inspiration :-)