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  • Not Worth The Money, Time, or Effort

    By M. Dieterich
    It was awful! Utterly contrived. I made myself finish it...but, it was brutal!
  • Too funny!

    By SupremeOmnipotentBobo
    After reading Big Trouble I had to get my hands on more novels by Dave Barry, and this one is just as great! If you are looking for a fun quick read add this to your library. You won't be disappointed !
  • Fun and great read.

    By Randolph St. Clair
    A hearty and heart-felt thank you to the authors. Levity and brevity mixed to absurd perfection. Please team up again. Funny stuff.
  • Absurd Impossibilities

    By Larry Ozone
    Prepare to suspend disbelief early. You'll get a string of sometimes comic but nonetheless absurd impossibilities, seasoned with base language and scatology, and finishing with vulgar insults to public figures that the authors must really hate. I didn't care for the mean Jewish jokes, either.
  • Lunatics

    By Ron1211
    I have always enjoyed Dave Barry's writing but this book was a disaster.
  • Intended for 9-year old boys?

    By jims7777
    In a word, silly. There are some funny moments, but they’re weighed down by some so-so sophomoric humor. Was the intended audience 9-year old boys? Ultimately I was disappointed after having heard the authors discuss the book at length on the Commonwealth Club broadcast in January 2012 (available on iTunes podcasts).
  • great to fizzle

    By lstrm
    This book started out great, one of the ones that has you LOL to yourself. After about page 200, it is all downhill. Not only is it not funny, by the end it concerns politics. Not recommended.
  • Lunatics

    By Milozma
    The book is a healthy belly laugh from start to finish. If you're going to read this on an airplane, be sure to warn your seat mate! It is poignant to a point, as well. Very,very witty and wacky!
  • Lunatics

    By Budandburgers
    Hilarious. I have never read a book twice, but I might have to re-read this. Crazy and entertaining.