The U-Haul Trailer & Doolie Weencer's Hearse - Robert Chapin

The U-Haul Trailer & Doolie Weencer's Hearse

By Robert Chapin

  • Release Date: 2011-08-18
  • Genre: Theater


Doolie Weencer was the son of a banker in the small New England town of Prescott, Massachusetts.

His father purchased the bank from an immigrant Polish farmer in 1925 at a cost of $61,000 but did not have sufficient funds to purchase the land beneath the bank for an additional $21,000.

The farmer agreed to lease the land to Weencer for an annual sum of $890.00 for 30 years until renewall time in 1955.

The banker was a bigot and his only purpose was to humiliate customers and extract a pound of flesh and an ounce of blood when they were in need of a loan.

The three generation farmer with son and grandson built a business of growing potatoes and onions in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts into a $44,000,000 enterprise without ever applying for a loan.

However, shortly after the bank was sold by the farmer Branislaw Wignarski his son Ed applied to the senior Weencer for a loan and was denied because he was nothing more than a "dumb" immigrant farmer - and chiefly because the Wignarski family never opened an account with the bank.

Years later Mildred, wife of the only remaining son in the business while in a beauty salon overheard a conversation by the bankers arrogant wife that the loan was denied because they did not have an account at her husband's bank.

Upon learning of the news, Bin Wignarski approaches the banker at about the time the rental agreement for the land under is to be renewed and increased the rent from $890/yr to $25,000/yr (in 1955).

Bank has no choice but to pay an advance one time payment of 10 years rent for $250,000. They reluctantly do so.

With money being the propelling force in the Weencer family, when Doolie Weencer dies one can only imagine a U-Haul cart being pulled by his hearse.