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  • Fantastic book

    By Dr. MLJ
    I wish I discovered and read this years ago. So many ramifications for so many areas of personal and professional life.
  • Great read

    By Charlie Reyes IV
    A lot of valuable content. It also does great to explanation how our decision tree works.
  • I love this book

    By charles4692
    I loved this book so much I read it everyday for 20 days straight
  • Essential read on

    By Dloreant
  • A slow burner with life-changing insights and perspectives

    By Malik J. Wilson
    To be completely honest, I cannot expect every person to gather the motivation to read through this quite lengthy book. However, if one is determined to do so they will be so grateful for the journey that are partaking on. The lessons you will learn from topics such decision making, narrow- & broad-framing, biases, and more will make you significantly more aware and keen to how people operate and think in the world we live in. This applies to strangers, family, friends, colleagues, and even yourself. This is not a book for everyone, but if you find it even a little intriguing then go for it!
  • The story of the wonderful bromance between Daniel and Amos

    By miyagisg
    Now that that’s gotten your attention, you NEED to read this book to understand humanity.
  • Thinking, Fast and slow

    By amadeusjobs
    Too many unnecessary words, too much fluff, very bad and inappropriate examples used to try to illustrate a point. Roundabout writing made for very tedious reading.
  • Loved the Book!

    By mwtack
    Many conversations came out from this book!
  • Challenging, counter intuitive and brilliant

    By jc33
    I took my time reading this because I realized quickly this book needed to be cherished and contemplated, not merely finished. This book is for layman but will challenge experts in economics and psychology as well. Cannot more highly recommend.
  • Brilliant works

    By weeesssass
    It is a pleasure to read this book, it makes me realize that how irrational I am, and how limited human-mind is.