The Call of the Wild - Jack London

The Call of the Wild

By Jack London

  • Release Date: 2011-04-25
  • Genre: Classics
Score: 4
From 1,341 Ratings


Living the lazy and luxurious life of a pet, Buck could not know that gold was discovered in Alaska, nor that this discovery would forever change his life. Stolen from his master and sold for a quick profit, Buck is shipped up to the Arctic to live among the hardened ranks of the sled dogs, led by the short-tempered and violent alpha Spitz. Fighting to survive against an unforgiving climate and pack rivalries, Buck slowly leaves his domesticated life behind and embraces the wild.


  • Call of the Wild

    By Jbgray11
    Bloody and sad at times,but good.I’m glad Buck was rescued by a kind ,loving soul;a soul who set his own soul free.
  • It’s ok, but not earth shaking

    By methibosheth
    Look, this book is pretty good. It’s an easy read, and not to long. Though if your planning on having your child read this book, keep in mind some contents of this book are not appropriate some kids. If your child is under twelve, probably refrain from having him/her read the book unless your ok with them reading about dog fights, violent and deeply descriptive fight scenes, (blood, gore, etc.) and death. Even though this book is violent and lack luster, I don’t really get all the hate to be honest. It’s ok. Though it’s not very thought provoking. My final verdict as a simple leisure reader; it’s ok, though more of something you would read for a school assignment, not out of interest. If you want to read the book, please don’t let me stop you. Though I recommend you go watch the movie instead. It’s a lot better, trust me. ; )
  • New Reader

    By Steamboat821
    Loved it. Read it in six grade, pulled it out for a refresher.
  • A beautifully-written classic

    By Little Miss Sweet Tea
    Read this with my older children for school. We loved it! Buck’s story is sad, inspiring, and ultimately triumphant.
  • Overly discriptive, poorly written.

    By EshuMarneedi
    This book doesn’t know what it wants to be. On one hand, it’s lighthearted and enjoyable to read, but on the other hand, the book never leads to a resolution. Instead, it’s filled with countless adjectives and random missplaced words. Do not read. 0/10.
  • Great book - some strange parts

    By summerskiess66
    This was, overall, a great book. I liked how descriptive it was about Buck, the main character’s point of view. I don’t often see that in books. However, it was quite gory and violent, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who feel unease at that subject. If you don’t mind that sort of thing and like to read about animals dominating, I would tell you to read this. Note- It might be better to read this if you are over 12. It has some strange wording that’s weird to read about.
  • I’m the most interesting reviewer

    By Raptorizor
    Horrible...Didn’t even read it...I’m going to give it Five Stars! :p
  • So bad

    Couldn’t understand the story pointless book way to much death and blood. The good reviews don’t even give proof why it is good I mean you need proof and facts to know how good the book is. In conclusion this book has no point in buying except for your middle school book report. No value, bad buy, bad book.
  • All u haters better watch the movie

    By michaelpohlman😂
    Have u watched it yet?
  • I watched the movie!

    By marshmellow walker
    I loved the book