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  • They just keep getting better!

    By Sadbad
    Ms. Evanovich keeps getting better and better. On the face of it, these novels can get quite violent and gruesome, but there is also so much humor that the characters keep you too busy laughing to get totally grossed out! I’m on my second time through the books and I feel like I missed a lot the first time around all those year ago.
  • Absolute Best Book I have read

    By cjlindboe
    I stayed up at night reading this book. So far this is the best in the Stephane Plum series. It had my heart raising wondering how Stephane was going to get out of the mess she was in. Right up to the last page it was exciting.
  • great book in the series

    By Suzie-Q66
    i love this series, up to lean mean thirteen. This one is a favorite for me because the villian is so good at figuring out how to unnerve stephanie plum. I was disappointed in the scene where ranger and stephanie finally get together fo rthe first time. Not that I was expecting a steamy love scene but I was definitely expecting something more than I got.
  • Best since book 2!

    By monk123456789
    I thoroughly enjoy all of Stephanie Plum's adventures but this was by far my favorite of the last 8!
  • Best one

    By Ix13
    This is by far my favorite plum. I love Rangers' background even if its just a bit, you get glimpses of his mysterious life. The ending is great, however i would have liked a follow up to the events of this particular novel instead of rushing to novel 9 as if nothing hadn't happened. I have that issue with some of the books of the series, some continuity would be nice. Sometimes we start a new novel and wonder if you skipped a book in the middle ( without the other plum holiday novels). Overall its a good series for kicking back and relaxing a bit.
  • Enough of this....

    By Emily Gilmour
    This is the last book of the series I will be reading. The stories are always the same, and there is only so much bumbling bounty hunter I can deal with. And she finally went to bed with ranger in this one for the first time, so nothing else to look forward to in the next ten or so books either. Oh - and then there is Lula too, developing into one of the most obnoxious characters ever invented, so thanks Janet - I will pass on the next however many mass produced sequels you will publish.
  • Fun Sleuthing

    By Rclemmons
    Snappy dialogue enlivens the improbable consequences of the search for a friend's missing granddaughter. The exploits of a Mickey Spillane anti-hero grow on the reader as the plot is propelled by the amusing insights of the lead character. A good read.
  • Hard Eight

    By LLetney
    Another amazing Evanovich!
  • Hard 8

    By tickieb
    Wow!!!! Fantastic. You did it again!! You better get busy on eighteen, cuz I'm catching up pretty quickly!! Thanks
  • Terrific as usual!

    By L.L.Smith
    This book is right in line with the others: it has suspense, and humor! There were parts where I couldn't stop laughing. The plot was interesting and suspenseful.... Light, fun, humorous reading, typical Janet E style!