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  • Need auto book to review

    By hurjlh
    Unfortunately, it down loaded book in text. I would like to have it in audiobook. I’m disabled and can’t hold a book. Otherwise, I’m hoping to review it once I can get the audiobook.
  • Lacks spirit

    By AugustReader
    Horrible - deserves less than one star. The prose is condescending and incomprehensible. Presentation of the subject matter is uninformed, misguided, and unimaginative.
  • 1000% Must Read

    By ry5an T
    Great life altering book!!
  • Powerful and insightful

    By HArina3
    I read this book so many years ago and still come back to it… it’s great to come back to through different stages in life
  • Experience… or book?

    By amburrito12
    A truly life changing read. Experience this book, take it on the journey with you. It is a guide on how to step back from your mind and you can practice this teaching endlessly after you read it once!
  • Life Changing Book

    By lexmillz
    This book will change your life forever. Thank you to the author
  • Eye opener

    By Biranchi Narayan Padhi
    This books is definitely not for an average reader. I had to read some pages 2-3times to understand the context behind it. Ekhart Tole - man I’ve no words for the way he explains deep complex things in simple way. It feels like you’re asking questions and he is answering it. Whaaat a book!!!
  • Did not like this book at all

    By Jaces11
    Did not like this book at all. Very repetitive and just plain boring. Also uses scripture out of context to push their point.

    By Young Exec
    I describe my life as before this book and after this book. The knowledge and wisdom within are profound and life changing. You must be patient with yourself and apply deep reflection when reading and re-reading this gem! 👊🏼
  • Changed my life.

    By ogbeachboy
    You read the title of this review. Literally the only way to describe it. Life changing.