Out of the Dark - David Weber

Out of the Dark

By David Weber

  • Release Date: 2010-09-28
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4
From 325 Ratings


The launch of a new science fiction adventure series--by the New York Times-best selling author of the Safehold series and the Honor Harrington series

The Galactic Hegemony has been around a long time, and it likes stability--the kind of stability that member species like the aggressive, carnivorous Shongairi tend to disturb. So when the Hegemony Survey Force encountered a world whose so-called "sentients"--"humans," they called themselves--were almost as bad as the Shongairi themselves, it seemed reasonable to use the Shongairi to neutralize them before they could become a second threat to galactic peace. And if the Shongairi took a few knocks in the process, all the better.

Now, Earth is conquered. The Shongairi have arrived in force, and humanity's cities lie in radioactive ruins. In mere minutes, more than half the human race has died.

Master Sergeant Stephen Buchevsky, who thought he was being rotated home from his latest tour in Afghanistan, finds himself instead prowling the back country of the Balkans, dodging alien patrols and trying to organize scattered survivors without getting killed. And in the southeastern US, firearms instructor and former Marine Dave Dvorak finds himself at the center of a growing network of resistance--putting his extended family at lethal risk, but what else can you do?

On the face of it, Buchevsky's and Dvorak's chances look bleak, as do prospects for the rest of the surviving human race. But it may well be that Shongairi and the Hegemony alike have underestimated the inhabitants of that strange planet called Earth... in David Weber's Out of the Dark.

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  • Dissapointing

    By babultower
    Out of 650 some pages, It felt like I read a 150 page plot. Lot of unneeded verbose, unrealistic dialogue and unimaginative scenes/execution. High drama moments were given less words than descriptions about the amenities of a cabin. Reading the wikipedia summary got me exited for nothing. I don’t think there anything to make me re-read this in the future.
  • Worst Weber book ever

    By billy bob bodean bayou bistro
    This is the worst Weber book ever. There is a twist in the book that just makes you feel like the author gave up In the middle of writing and threw something in just complete it for publication
  • Great up until the end

    By Urchin11
    Great right until the end.
  • Brilliant

    By Lovely6666
    I really love Mr. Webers character creation. They are readily identifiable with. Very good read and flows smoothly from scene to scene.
  • Absolutely Great

    By Tiredofcomingupwithnames
    I loved the ending of the book, with it's twist of vampires. And really guys, you are going to give the book 2 and 1 stars just because you thought the ending was stupid? If you didn't give it just for the ending then okay. And to all those who read the reviews first, don't let them sway you to read certain books and leave others behind. It can be the books left behind that end up catering to your reading interests.
  • Great read

    By Runcow
    Too many reviews on this short story are stuck on the surprise ending. It is sci fi/ fantasy. Enjoy the surprise! I laugh at the outrage of the twist. The idea of carnivore aliens is ok but the twist is unthinkable... I loved it! It is like hating the movie " the usual suspects" because of that twist. Shut up you uppity sci fi snobs! It is entertainment and fun!
  • Horrible

    By TheFrood
    Was truly enjoying this read right up to the end when vampires show up to save the day... You can rationalize it to the worlds end, but it took a good sci-fi story and turned it into garbage... The vampire, savior of the world, was not even one of the protagonists!
  • Magical Ending Sucked

    By Shepard13
    Very rarely do I ever give bad reviews. I always try to be somewhat positive when reviewing even bad stories. However, I beg Mr. Weber never to write in this world again. This book started out great. The Author then wrote himself into a hole in which the characters had no chance of ever escaping. They were on a downward spiral in which they would be unable to overcome their superior enemy without some kind of magic. Then comes the magical ending in which Vampires come out of the woodwork to save humanity in the end. Pure Crap.
  • David Weber is a great author, just not this time.

    By EchoMirageE
    Wow. That was not a good ending. That's what I get for buying a book before checking the reviews. Hopefully David Weber doesn't choose this particular kind of plot line when writing his terrific Honor Harrington series.
  • An Incredible Read

    By Ace911
    This is more than just a science fiction novel, that's to be sure. It's a deeper analysis of what it truly means to be human, as well as seeing the few subtle differences between being an angel, and being a demon. Both are powerful and immortal, the only difference is where their hearts lie.