Tick Tock - James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Tick Tock

By James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

  • Release Date: 2011-01-24
  • Genre: Police Procedural
Score: 4
From 1,040 Ratings


NYC's #1 detective, Michael Bennett, has a huge problem-the Son of Sam, the Werewolf of Wisteria and the Mad Bomber are all back. The city has never been more terrified!
When a rash of horrifying crimes tears through the city, the city calls on Detective Michael Bennett, pulling him away from a seaside retreat with his ten adopted children. Not only does it tear apart their vacation, it leaves the entire family open to attack. Immediately, it becomes clear that the crimes are not the work of an amateur, but of a calculating, efficient, and deadly mastermind.
Bennett enlists the help of a former colleague, FBI Agent Emily Parker. As his affection for Emily grows into something stronger, his relationship with the nanny takes an unexpected turn. All too soon, another appalling crime leads Bennett to a shocking discovery that exposes the killer's pattern and the earth-shattering enormity of his plan. From the creator of the #1 New York detective series comes the most volatile and most explosive Michael Bennett novel ever.


  • Tick Tock

    By lisamarie7604
    Excellent book- a definite page turner
  • Tick tock .

    By Evelyn12345
    Amazing !
  • Tick Tock - A fast read

    By Requiem478
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I had previously only read the Alex Cross novels, but this book was just as interesting, even without Detective Cross. The character of the lead detective struck me as a little superficial, however, this was more than made up for by the plot and development of the villain character. I would read others in the series without hesitation. I originally hoped to read this on my upcoming beach vacation, but I completed it before I left! Oh well, onto my Patterson novel featuring Michael Bennett.
  • Awesome

    By Spennt
    Definite have to read! This was my first James Patterson novel, and I have to say, I couldn't put it down! Will definitely be reading him from now on.
  • Bennet Vs Cross

    By Tuver
    I like this book a lot--I have read 2 Bennet books an 4 Cross books now and like the Bennet books a Lil bit more so far--amazing book here!!
  • Tic Tock

    By wltk
    I like the book. But how did Bennett get on list of famous murders? Why did apt go after Bennett? Thanks Wltk
  • Spellbound

    By NancySS
    I couldn't put the book away without reading just one more page!
  • Great!

    By Jules0038
    This was a great read. No slow parts here, very enthralling! An exciting story.
  • Feel let down by the author and the reviews.

    By LovelyMermaid
    Writing this to add my voice to all the reviewers who are disappointed with this book and James Patterson, since truly I feel very let down. If you're looking for a mystery, do not buy this book. There is literally no mystery and any leads that at first appear mysterious are quickly solved not by the main character but... other, smaller characters. Early on I understood the main character as a detective far more concerned with his personal life than his work and surely people can relate to that; bit are those of us who can "main character of a $15 book material?" As the book went on I came to feel the main character and Patterson were alike: neither were too happy to be doing their job and both just wanted things to end. Having those thoughts reflected back at me I just wanted the book to end too. The best thing about this book is Patterson's signature writing style which I do enjoy reading. The worst part is the content in which we see all the people surrounding him do our "heroe's" job for him. From books I like to take away a small lesson or thought that the author is trying to convey. There's nothing new to be gained here.
  • Tick Tock

    By Coal City Kid
    I have too agree it was a page turner until the end, but really enjoyed it.