The Bible of Unspeakable Truths - Greg Gutfeld

The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

By Greg Gutfeld

  • Release Date: 2010-05-25
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4
From 160 Ratings


Greg Gutfeld, the acclaimed host of the popular, nightly Fox News show Red Eye, has packed this book full of his most aggressive (and funny) diatribes -- each chapter exploring Unspeakable Truths that cut right to the core and go well beyond just politics. Greg deconstructs pop culture, media, kids, disease, race, food, sex, celebrity, current events, and nearly every other aspect of life, with Truths including but not limited to: "if you're over 25 and still use party as a verb, then you're beyond redemption," "the media wanted bird flu to kill thousands," "attractive people don't write for a living," "death row inmates make the best husbands," and "the urge to punch Zach Braff in the face is completely natural."

With an irreverent voice, incredible wit, and a firm take on just about everything, this is a manual for how to think about stuff, by a guy who has thought about precisely that same stuff. And, even if you disagree with Greg, this book will make you laugh--guaranteed.


  • Loved it & Greg Gutfeld!

    By LinseyRae
    Just have to say yes. Lol love this book & really anything Greg Gutfeld does including RedEye!!
  • Simply brill!

    By gsdnorthtexas
    If you only read one book this year it should probably be a book on better time management. If you can read two or more, make it a Greg Gutfeld book. He is smart, funny, and insightful. A true master of the written (and spoken) word.
  • Just plain funny...

    By Danster Fliss
    Both insightful and explosively funny, Greg Gutfeld's rants blend common sense and tangents that make more sense.
  • Hysterical

    By Edwhourihan
    Fast fun read. Pausing only to laugh out loud.
  • A great way to have with Greg in bed

    By RAT View
    As if growing up in the same basic town around the same general time wasn't super groovy and cool enough.... With The Bible of Unspeakable Truths you can have afterglow rants and observations from the single greatest unicorn expert in the world, right on your iDevice. Witty as a clam named Boris and timely as a post card from Jay North, this book is a great read when world wide problems, often caused by George W. Bush, cause Red-Eye to be preempted. One can only hope the Koran of Widely Used Vegetables, Suitable as Marriageable Aids will soon follow. Well worth the buy and the read...
  • Great book! A must buy!!

    By Dmband1995
    This is one of those wonderful books that you can pick up and set down all the way thru. It is filled with nonstop crazy and very funny stories through out the authors own life....I highly recommend it!
  • Funniest book since Anne franks diary

    By LaFlamaBlanca21
    If you buy this book Greg actually rides to your house to thank you on an alpaca, nude and covered in sprinkles( and bill's blood) Seriously great book even if your a booger eating lib.
  • Insightful and hilarious

    By TheEvilRobot
    I loved it. This book will challenge a lot of people-Greg's a libertarian, not a strict conservative. But he doesn't take himself at all seriously, which is very cool and makes for an entertaining read. This is a book you don't have to read in one sitting-it works in bIte-sized reads just fine.
  • Hilarious!

    By Ramstein75
    This book is great entertainment! A nice light read that doesn't take itself to seriously but delivers the laughs (if you have a sense of humor)! Can't wait for the next book!
  • Boring and predictable

    By schussy
    It's like random free association of "liberals and the media are bad." Not funny, not insightful, nothing that hasn't been a staple of Fox News for years. This gets a book contract?