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  • Wow!

    By coreyhoro
    Amazing book these Alex Cross books have gotten a younger adult into reading like never before!
  • Pulling you along every step of the crime

    By Maryweather
    James Patterson knows how to masterfully construct people, places and situations.
  • Great Explosion!

    By zolaspace
    Really kept me going! Loved take my eyes off the pages! Had to keep going!
  • Great plot.

    By Omi-Oma
    This story has a great plot and quite an ending. The movie was just as good. But as usual, the book is better. Because you get the full picture of the author’s intent; not a movie director’s interpretation.
  • I am very impressed

    By Sleepless in Chicago 2012
    I wasn’t big into reading until I came across JP on the book shelves. I thought he was just one of those authors that wrote nine hundred page books and only had thirty chapters but I still bought it anyway. And I was hooked like a Fish! The man has class and knows how to drive a book and it’s characters to the brink! Will definitely read again.
  • Excellent story

    By DMD TX
    Excellent story. Good character development, and I look forward to the following stories with Detective Cross. Only complaint is that the gratuitous sex was unnecessary; cheapened the story in my opinion.
  • Along came a spider

    By nanabonnie67
    This Book is just like all the other Books James Patterson has written about the character Alex Cross was very nice to read and it had so many twists and turns it kept you guessing. I love all of his books
  • Suspense at its best

    By PapaJoeKo
    Well told suspense novel. Unfortunately I figured it out early. Still I liked the books plot and characters were well described.
  • Another fascinating demon

    By and investment advisor
    James Patterson is one of the best at creating these fascinating demons and showing you what’s going on in their head. I always find them to be Intriguing and haunting creatures.
  • Dang!

    By gliterkittenisdope
    Not a love story. Eyes wide open. Dang.