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  • Best Memory Man Book

    By Powersk13
    Best Amos Decker book so far!
  • Outstanding

    By rmartin401
    Wonderful novel. Great read.
  • Amos does it again

    By swedwards
    Despite the big guys overwhelming personality author Baldacci shows us another side to him which grounds the character to the lives we try and live. Hoping to read more adventures of Amos, White and perhaps Alex soon. Keep doing the right thing Amos.
  • Another winner

    By Connors nana
    Great read. Lots of twists and turns. This one kept me guessing right up until the big reveal. Love this author.
  • Good Read!

    By munceys
    Good story with a few interesting twist and turns.
  • A fantastic read _ you won’t be disappointed.

    By playingforpizza
    This book was fantastic . The whole series is amazing. Highly recommend. Cannot say enough good things.
  • Good partners

    By Clogue33
    A little long but good ending. I knew it, too. Kinda…
  • Amos comes through again

    By TheRevMike
    Amos usually surprises me and he did so again in this, the latest book in the series. Amos seems to become more human and he finds a way to adapt to radical change in his life, his career and his partner.
  • Long Shadows

    By Sgtbrute
    Good read. Two items need corrected. The scene describing Amos Decker on the beach at night seeing jet contrails is not accurate. Contrails cannot be seen at night. Also, the the offer of Alex’s boyfriend to fly by private jet to Saint Barts is not possible. The runway at this airport can only accept aircraft able to perform short take offs and landings. Jet aircraft are not capable of these performance characteristics.
  • Amazing! Stunning!

    By Pahealer
    The truth is, when you read his books, you absolutely can expect the unexpected! The twists and turns are really something! Don’t know how he keeps doing it