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New York City Like a Local

By DK Eyewitness

  • Release Date: 2021-10-05
  • Genre: United States


Uncover the hidden side of New York City with this insider's e-guide

Home to soaring skyscrapers, eclectic museums, and a foodie scene like no other, this rapturous city is endlessly enticing. But beyond the well-trodden sights of the Empire State Building and the Met lies the real New York City: a whole other side waiting to be explored.

We've spoken to the city's locals to unearth the coolest hangout spots, hidden gems, and personal favorites to ensure you travel like a local. Grab a coffee from the cafes the locals catch up in, browse fresh produce at vibrant farmers' markets, or explore the quirky galleries the students rave about.

Whether you're a New Yorker looking to uncover your city's secrets or seeking an authentic experience beyond the tourist track, this stylish guide makes sure you experience New York City beneath the surface.