Gaslighting: How to Avoid a Narcissist's Mind Control and Heal from Narcissistic Abuse - Patrick K. Simon

Gaslighting: How to Avoid a Narcissist's Mind Control and Heal from Narcissistic Abuse

By Patrick K. Simon

  • Release Date: 2021-03-15
  • Genre: Psychology
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You Are A Step Away From Learning About Gaslighting, Including Knowing If You Are In A Relationship With A Gaslighter, And How To Regain Control And Your Sanity!

"Oh come on. Stop being too sensitive."

"It was just a joke. Can't you take a joke?"

"Why are you making a big deal out of something so small?"

"What is wrong with you? Can't you do anything right?"

Do you have someone in your life who keeps belittling your concerns and making you feel like your concerns about something are invalid?

Does it always feel like you are always misunderstanding him/her because any time you point out something they said, they always turn things around to make you look like you have no idea of what you are saying?

Does that person one time call you stupid and the next time they are congratulating you about something?

If this is where you find yourself, then you are definitely dealing with a gaslighter. A gaslighter usually wants to manipulate you by doing or saying things that will question your reality, perceptions and memory. They will make it seem like you are always misunderstanding them or misquoting them, you are always making a mountain out of a molehill, that your concerns are not valid. You may then end up not being free to express yourself, which can negatively affect your self-esteem and make you doubt everything about yourself.

By virtue that you are reading this, it is clear that you want to put an end to gas lighting, for good and are looking for answers to many of the questions running through your mind…

How do you tell for sure that someone is a gas lighter?

How do you see them for what they are, call them out and start taking steps to turn things around?

How do you make the gas lighter to see what he/she does is wrong?

Why does the gas lighter do what he/she does?

How can you stop getting affected by the gas lighting strategies that the gas lighter in your life has been using on you?

How do you take back the power from the gas lighter?

How do you heal and build your self-esteem and confidence after being used by a gas lighter for so long?

If you have these and other related questions, this book has some good news for you and that's the fact that you can break from a gas lighter and have your sanity, confidence and self-esteem back, for good! You can actually learn about gaslighting and take the necessary steps to deal with the gas lighter in your life.

And this book will teach you everything you need to know about gaslighting and narcissistic abuse to know what to do if you are in such a situation.

More precisely, the book will teach you:
What gaslighting really isWhat makes someone a gaslighterWhy someone feels the need to gaslightSpecific techniques gaslighters use when gaslightingSome of the effects of gaslighting and ways of dealing with themHow to disarm a gaslighter effectivelyHow to live with a gaslighterHow to heal from gaslightingHow to re-build confidence, self-love and self-trustHow to prevent a narcissist from coming into your life
And much more...

Whether you just found yourself in a relationship with a gaslighter or someone has been gaslighting you for years, this book is still for you!

Don't wait any longer to start your journey to recovery!


  • Gaslighting

    By Grillmaster73
    Awesome book has helped me out a lot thanks!!
  • Save your Money

    By shar2244
    This book has so many grammatical errors ,im shocked it was able to be published. Like this is a joke.
  • Good and helpful

    By Babygirl@1972
    Book was very helpful but the various typos were distracting from the message.