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  • Not your typical “Who done it” novel.

    By DBZinger
    Easy read that kept reading longer than normal. Like in life, this novel used the back drop of Paris, a murder and a theft, to keep the reader reading while all along driving the point that plans are made to be broken. Very entertaining while also believable.
  • Murder in Paris

    By Broomhilda pip
    Very entertaining
  • Interesting murder mystery

    By CGMurp
    Diane wanted to do something different with her life. She quit her job and purchased a plane ticket to Paris. Planning to attend a costume ball, she became embroiled in a murder and theft of a jewel necklace. The police weren’t adequately looking for the perpetrators, so she got involved.
  • Typical “Pierce”

    By Issy's MomMom
    For those not in the know, the books by Blake Pierce that are churned out so quickly are written by a collective group of authors that don’t edit their works. Whoever wrote this installment did a better job than most. Good read but only one error that I caught. Insurance “broken” rather than broker.
  • another rejected female trying to be relevant

    By Rxnjsquir
    same fluffy mystery with chubby female focused on food. at least there were no recipes. another "soft" woman butting into police investigations with no consequences. same story different setting.
  • Bruh

    By i❤️duggies!!!
    I searched up dogs and this stupid book came up. If you read it your prob as dumb as the main character, many comments said, Diana? I guess her name is was very dumb and stupid
  • Diana is dumb…

    By readmeagoodstory
    The main character and storyline is ridiculous.
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By SSpecky
    Story line makes you keep reading. Loved it!
  • A Murder In Paris

    I Love Diana. But how did she age 3 years in two weeks? She was 52 in this book. The #2 book says she is 55! Come on, y’all lets stay on track. I will keep reading of course❗️
  • Not a main character I’d root for

    By Mzt121
    The heroine wasn’t very likeable. Maybe after she grows a backbone I could read this series. Her daughter was insufferable. Her boss was beyond selfish as was her ex. And she just took it all.