Missy's Green Ball - Michael Clark

Missy's Green Ball

By Michael Clark

  • Release Date: 2019-05-07
  • Genre: Animals


Sarah buried her beloved dog Missy just two days ago. Missy was an Australian shepherd. She was smart and sensitive. She loved to kiss Sarah on the nose. Sarah loved to run her fingers through Missy's long light–brown hair and gently rub the tips of her ears. Missy and Sarah loved to play tug with Missy's big green rubber ball. Missy passed away after a long and happy life at their cabin home. She was born there and lived her whole life there. Sarah was very sad when Missy passed away. Missy would always wait for Sarah to come home. Missy waited in the same spot, right in the middle of the driveway, next to the cabin, where Sarah's dad parked his old pickup truck. As Sarah and her dad drove up, Missy would trot to the passenger side where Sarah got out so she could greet Sarah as soon as the truck door opened. But Missy was gone. Sarah felt sad and empty. Just after sunset, Sarah arrived home after school with her dad. Daylight slowly faded.. Sarah gazed at the bright orange and red clouds that hung over the mountains in the distance as they pulled into the driveway. Dad suddenly stopped the truck short of where he was usually parked. Sarah heard him gasp. Then she saw it too. Sarah couldn't believe her eyes.