The Depths of My Soul - Anja Leuenberger

The Depths of My Soul

By Anja Leuenberger

  • Release Date: 2020-05-17
  • Genre: Poetry


I have experienced sexual assault in my industry at a young age multiple times. Unfortunately till this day, it’s unclear to people what consent means. I was raped 2 times before my twenties and it made me stronger than my younger me could ever believe. I was young, I was broke. It took me years to even find it within me to speak. I was too ashamed. So I started to write my deepest, scariest thoughts down. I lost my voice for years. I lost myself. So here I am,thanks to my poems. Vulnerable, stripped to my soul, giving you a piece of me, my voice to find yours. To start your healing too. I wanna thank everyone who supported me in my process of healing. Who gave me love support. And mostly didn’t judge me when I opened up. I hope this book gives you strength to find your voice, knowing that with speaking up we can help each other.