Slanted - Sharyl Attkisson


By Sharyl Attkisson

  • Release Date: 2020-11-24
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
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New York Times bestselling author Sharyl Attkisson takes on the media’s misreporting on Black Lives Matter, coronavirus, Joe Biden, Silicon Valley censorship, and more.

When the facts don’t fit their Narrative, the media abandons the facts, not the Narrative. Virtually every piece of information you get through the media has been massaged, shaped, curated, and manipulated before it reaches you. Some of it is censored entirely. The news can no longer be counted on to reflect all the facts. Instead of telling us what happened yesterday, they tell us what’s new in the prepackaged soap opera they’ve been calling the news.

For the past four years, five-time Emmy Award–winning investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author Sharyl Attkisson has been collecting and dissecting alarming incidents tracing the shocking devolution of what used to be the most respected news organizations on the planet. For the first time, top news executives and reporters representing every major national television news outlet—from ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN to FOX and MSNBC—speak frankly, confiding in Attkisson about the death of the news as they once knew it. Their concern transcends partisan divides.

Most frightening of all, a broad campaign in the media has convinced many Americans not only to accept but to demand censorship over journalism. It is a stroke of genius on the part of those seeking to influence public opinion: undermine public confidence in the news, then insist upon “curating” information and divining the “truth.” The thinking is done for you. They’ll decide which pesky facts shouldn’t cross your desk by declaring them false, irrelevant, debunked, unsafe, or out-of-bounds.

We have reached a state of utter absurdity, where journalism schools teach students that their own, personal truth or chosen narratives matter more than reality. In Slanted, Attkisson digs into the language of propagandists, the persistence of false media narratives, the driving forces behind today's dangerous blend of facts and opinion, the abandonment of journalism ethics, and the new, Orwellian definition of what it means to report the news. 


  • Truth in a Sea of Untruth

    By TommT1205
    I read this book alongside 1984 and was blown away at the direction our media is headed! Sharyl really takes you inside the news Narrative game and gives plenty of in-depth details to hone in on the story the media forcing you to hear instead of just giving us the facts. I highly recommend this book and I am now fully prepared to recognize when the media is pushing another narrative.
  • Eye Opening...

    By Metallinot
    First book I’ve purchased in many, many years. For quite some time, I’ve heard “Narrative”, but assumed it was just internet slang. I had no idea the media was stooping to such lows, even though their distaste for our President was obvious. Thank you for pointing out just how evil the media has become. Great job on your Master 5th Degree. I became a 2nd degree in 1985, but haven’t trained since then
  • Fearless take, gutsy writing

    By Ma Slater
    This book is a breath of fresh air from someone who understands the media as only an insider can but is unafraid to speak out against it. This review is being written over Thanksgiving break 2020 in the heart of Trump Country where few place any weight on the once reliable mainstream news industry’s reporting of the election. Sharyl is trying to help this industry help itself. Before it is too late. Her industry colleagues would do well to heed her advice.