The Law of Innocence - Michael Connelly

The Law of Innocence

By Michael Connelly

  • Release Date: 2020-11-10
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 4,995 Ratings



Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller is back on the job in this heart-stopping thriller from a renowned #1 New York Times bestselling author.

“One of the finest legal thrillers of the last decade” —Associated Press

On the night he celebrates a big win, defense attorney Mickey Haller is pulled over by police, who find the body of a former client in the trunk of his Lincoln. Haller is immediately charged with murder but can’t post the exorbitant $5 million bail slapped on him by a vindictive judge.
Mickey elects to represent himself and is forced to mount his defense from his jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Center in downtown Los Angeles. All the while he needs to look over his shoulder—as an officer of the court he is an instant target, and he makes few friends when he reveals a corruption plot within the jail.
But the bigger plot is the one against him. Haller knows he’s been framed, whether by a new enemy or an old one. As his trusted team, including his half-brother, Harry Bosch, investigates, Haller must use all his skills in the courtroom to counter the damning evidence against him.
Even if he can obtain a not-guilty verdict, Mickey understands that it won’t be enough. In order to be truly exonerated, he must find out who really committed the murder and why. That is the law of innocence.
In his highest stakes case yet, the Lincoln Lawyer fights for his life and proves again why he is “a worthy colleague of Atticus Finch . . . in the front of the pack in the legal thriller game” (Los Angeles Times).

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  • Another Haller Classic

    By Dahneeirl
    Loved every minute of this book, took me through all the emotions all the way to the very end. Connelly has done it again. Thank you!
  • Not much

    By Sisaacks
    OK pretty good mildly entertaining it might’ve been better if he could’ve just resisted that political rant in the middle of everything- I get enough of that on TV
  • Fan gone

    By LLfangone
    I was excited to hear that there was a new book in 2020. I couldn’t believe I missed it, but then again, it was 2020. However, after reading reviews, I have decided not to purchase. Many of the reviews say that Connelly intertwines his political views into the storyline. I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on, keep it out of the entertainment. We want to read a story, not hear opinions or read insults to others. You lost a fan MC.
  • Gratuitous

    By O'Seay
    The story was pretty good and I am a LL fan. However, the gratuitous references to Trump and Trump supporters were unnecessary and took away from the story. Also, does no one go to church or have any morals?
  • One of MC’s Best

    By HappyTrails2U
    Excellent read. Mickey is on trial for a murder he did not commit. With the help of his team plus ex-wife Maggie, his defense must stave off crooked cops, twisted evidence, missing witnesses while being incarcerated.
  • Captivating

    By !twoshoes2
    Well written, fast paced story. Turns and twists to the plot. Enjoyable read.
  • Author has “jumped the shark”

    By Gr8flredr
    Too bad the story line had to include the author’s political views on current events at the time of the writing of this novel. Especially because the “news” agency promoted as credible in the novel (CNN), has turned out to be thoroughly corrupt, from top to bottom in the organization. I have enjoyed reading over ten of michael Connelly’s books up to now. Fascinating details, great character development, seemingly wonderful insight to the legal system. But the subject matter concerning the Los Angeles narrative has lost all its allure, in my opinion. Harry Bosch and michael haller are destined to pursue mask mandates and vagrant littering issues in the future. No bail, catch and release, police defunding are all policies that will submerge the true aim of law enforcement and prosecution for many years to come. This reader has now “let go”. Good bye, guys.
  • The Law of Innocence

    By olddue1
    This was a good mystery and kept me entertained. It is not the author’s best work. Too many improbable twits and turns. Fitting in the pandemic was a reach. Fun though.
  • Terrible ending

    By Umeverynameistaken76433
    The book started slow and finally picked up a third or halfway through. I was expecting a grand finish, but it was disappointing and a let down when the charges were dropped with no resolution, evidence, or rational reasoning other than “FBI investigation.” A little unbelievable. I don’t care about Connelly’s political views, so was surprised to read about them in the book. Initially, it was annoying because it added no value to the story and I didn’t see the point of why it was included, but after harping on it several times in the book it actually detracted from the storyline and likely influenced why I didn’t like the ending. There are better books out there.
  • The Law of Innocence

    By Carole Kay
    I would not recommend this book to my two daughters who are also fans of the author. It was slow going and didn’t get interesting and exciting until 3/4 of the way through the book. I did love the ending and finding out who was a good person and who wasn’t.