Divergence - TurtleMe


By TurtleMe

  • Release Date: 2020-02-15
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 5
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Not every human, elf, or dwarf could be equally important to me, and that's a fact that I had accepted long ago. I was here to serve my role, to help end this war, but it wasn’t for world peace or to save mankind—it was so, one day, I could lead a comfortable and happy life with the people I loved and cared for.

Arthur Leywin has experienced two lifetimes of challenge and adventure. He has lived as a swordsman, a mage, an adventurer, and a king. Now his two lives, old and new, will collide, revealing the connection between King Grey and Arthur Leywin, but at what cost? And how will this affect the ongoing war between the nations of Alacrya and Dicathen? Enemy forces threaten the coastal cities, the elven forests, and the fortified mountain passes; Dicathen’s most powerful allies have vanished; and the military alliance between men, elves, and dwarves threatens collapse. Arthur may be the last hope for his people, but when forced to choose between family and country, where will his loyalty lie?


  • Thank you for Divergence

    By jj4miles
    Oh... boy! The twist and turns of this story. This last chapter has left me baffled. *spoiler* Multiple reincarnation, a broken friendship, and a loved one lost... now I understand why Ishtar let Sylvie go with Arthur despite the war. Honestly, I can’t help but blame Tess for being so short sighted, and I feel she also influenced Arthur as they grew up because he no longer wants to see the bigger picture and just wants to act on his feelings. I’m glad he made up with his mom, that part left me teary eyed - I very much enjoyed it. I was hoping for Arthur to go beyond the white core stage a lot faster than the story is progressing and honestly, I feel his progression is way too slow in developing his mana core. And also, still don’t like the dragon tribe... I blame for their lack of teaching in the way of artes. All in all, I hope the next chapter comes out really soon. And Sylvie comes back alive, and Arthur finally goes beyond the white core stage and bides his time developing himself to take on an actual “god”, instead of just winging it. You can spare a year or 5 to develop your power y’know! Avengers Unite! If we can’t protect we’ll avenge!
  • Thank you !

    By Muqlie
    Amazing thank you . I know this can be a amazing anime show . I think it can surpass my hero and demon slayer for me it be even better then naruto . I thank you for this story . And hope you write more and give us more novel to read . Thank you
  • Outstanding

    By branderart
    Keep doing what you do! I love everything about this series. Give it a read it won’t disappoint.
  • Amazing

    By K1ngX57
    Can’t wait till the next
  • Great story telling

    By OffstageSheep
    I loved this Series, and I was quite afraid that this would be the last of the series but I’m glad it is not. Regardless, I love the world created in this book and the twist in the plot with discovering how both Arthur’s old and new world are coming together. I look forward to see how Arthur deals with the loss of his beloved bond and to see how he grows and hope to see him prevail over his old friend Nico but not all stories have a happy ending. I look forward to seeing how the story continues to unravel.
  • Been a long time

    By Comi lll
    I’ve never wanted to keep reading a book series as much as I want to right now. I’ve been finishing each book in a day, which is surprising to even me
  • Amazing story

    By Sp1cyRice65
    A little sad about the ending but amazing books and incredible story keep up the good work can’t wait for the next one
  • No words can do this series justice

    By Brolig
    This is undoubtedly the best book series I’ve ever read, I’m currently freezing and shivering in some training exercise (I’m in the Army) and even though I only have these 6 hours to sleep, I’d rather spend the entire time reading this book than sleep. I honestly don’t know what words I could use to convey how fantastic this book is.
  • Best series in a while

    By Mad in Central Florida
    I’m a big sifi and fantasy fan. The last time I was this into a series was 20 years ago. I can’t wait for the next compliment to this series.
  • Hey Turtle! (SPOILERS BELOW)

    By Beasty17379054110064
    Wanna start off by saying I really enjoyed this book! While the faults are few, especially compared to past novels, I hope that it will be helpful for me to state what I think they are. While I’m definitely not published ;_; I do have more experience writing than most. *SPOILERS* 1. Tess. Now, I like Tess’s character. However, the amount of times she’s messed up things consecutively (and horribly) are about reaching its limit haha. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, and it’s not as if you don’t realize she’s hecking things up left and right, but it’s definitely causing some people to dislike Tess. And unless you’re planning on changing up Arthurs love interest, I think it’d be best to not have people dislike her so much. Just make sure she isn’t lacking development. She doesn’t have to be a friggin impeccable genius when we next see her, but she should be more matured I hope and less prone to worsening situations. 2. You often reuse words a little too much, I think. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Wheel of Time, but it’s infamous for saying how girls “smooth out their skirts” every 50 pages. In your case, you often say “deadpan.” Idk if it’s just me, but seeing the same word used like that too often breaks immersion. Instead, I’d recommend switching it up sometimes saying “expression blank” or “with a blank expression” or just say “with an unamused look” etc etc. This isn’t the only word/phrase either, but I forgot what the others were. Again, idk if it’s just me but this is one of my pet peeves haha and it’s something I do myself WAY too much. Imagine you x50. Just repeated phrases cause way too much editing every time I write something new. 3. This is barely a flaw imo because you’re almost always good at avoiding it, but make sure Arthur isn’t a Mary Sue. He needs to make mistakes and be wrong sometimes and not be able to make up for that mistake 5 seconds later. Like I said, I’ve rarely seen him be a full blown Mary Sue, but there’s definitely been aspects of it before. But yeah, all in all I really enjoyed the book (I even kept reading on Tapas.) The story seems to just keep getting better and better. I read literally all of the books and caught up with the chapters on tapas in five days. Keep up the good work 👍