Rules of the House - Mac Barnett & Matt Myers

Rules of the House

By Mac Barnett & Matt Myers

  • Release Date: 2018-03-04
  • Genre: Family & Relationships in Kids Fiction


Ian always follows the rules. His sister, Jenny, breaks them all the time -- especially "Don't pinch." So Ian is thrilled when the house where his family is vacationing posts a tidy list of rules. But when Jenny breaks them all, the house itself decides it's time for payback. The rug, the stove, and the bathtub are hungry for rulebreaker soup, and they've found the perfect ingredient: Jenny!

Now Ian is faced with a thorny question: What if saving your sister means breaking the rules?

From the New York Times best-selling team of Mac Barnett and Matthew Myers comes a hilarious tale of sibling rivalry, moral complexity, and disgruntled monsters, perfect for sharing with your own favorite rulebreakers.

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