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  • Yes

    By Podo124
  • Very interesting start to finish

    By techno not
    This book is really good, well written and engaging. Very good characters hold your interest throughout.
  • Left To Die

    By sweetibeetie
    Enjoyed it. Liked that at the end Adele and her Dad softened.
  • Left to Die 1

    By ChrisPS142
    Great, Book I look forward to reading the series
  • Worth every minute!

    By jdheuskf
    This book was absolutely phenomenal! I’m not a big reader at all and am actually foreign so had a bit of a worry on how reading in English would go for me. But this book was great. Kept me hooked the entire time and the end is just filled with action and you can feel the adrenaline going! I couldn’t resist but get the next book! The author is extremely descriptive, putting you into the scene as if you’re right there with the character!
  • Left to Die

    By girl rustler
    I love reading books written by Blake Pierce. This book was a great read. I have many of his books. Two complete series and many singles. This book was well written, with a good story line that was followed thru the entire book. It was real, some of the characters, I have meet many times in my life. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book with murder mayhem and reality. I am starting on the first book in this series and then on to the third and if these are as goo as “Left to Die” I will finish up the series.
  • Left to die

    By Grandma Fox 85
    Pretty good book kept me on my toes looking for the next page to start reading again. Ole grandma
  • Left To Die

    By KAEcamb
    FBI Agent Adele Sharp is uniquely positioned to pursue suspects from USA to France to Germany because she is a citizen of all these countries. The plot was intriguing but the writing was clunky. Adele is expecting a proposal in the first chapter but gets dumped instead. The fiancé never crosses her mind again. Characters’ physical traits are described at length but the conversations are very flat and characters’ inner lives/motives seem unimportant. Character development is scarce. The serial killer held my interest. Adele did not.
  • Appropriate

    By mjsesso
    A great story, sure to be a fabulous series .
  • Great Book

    By RiceCakes88
    I enjoyed this book