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  • Awful

    By Svanderzyl
    Nothing like the previous Memory Man / Amos Decker books. Dozens of different plot lines and overly complicated. A tedious and boring read. I forced myself to finish it. A very big disappointment.
  • More realism would have been helpful.

    By linden11
    The book had a reasonable story but some of the conclusions drawn were less than original. What was really bad about the book was the authors continued efforts to show his politics and attempts to influence readers with his opinions. Poor as they are. I finished hoping it would get better as I really liked the first Amos Decker book. This one has stopped me from reading any more.
  • Good

    By sisu49
    I was only able to read 97 pages and I never could get a book that had all the chapters I don’t know what was wrong I would like to finish the book
  • Walk the wire.

    By Nairnmarie
    Real interesting cliff hanger.
  • Probably his worst novel

    By Phantom2 Mick
    Did Baldachi really write this ridiculous yarn? It had to be a college or high school student to write such an amateuristic story. Don’t waste your time on this.
  • Ok

    By Don S Hermon, Me.
    Great read you will enjoy it.
  • Amos Decker

    By Fanita67
    Love this character!
  • Boring

    By Kbayham
    He phoned In the plot and recycled characters. Story was predictable and money driven.
  • Good read

    By qweaz12238
    Great book bringing Amos and Robie together.
  • Combining characters

    By Vbestbf
    I love that Will Robbie was brought into this book. It made for a great story and a great combination