The Wives - Tarryn Fisher

The Wives

By Tarryn Fisher

  • Release Date: 2019-12-30
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 2,096 Ratings


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What happens behind closed doors never stays hidden for long.
It was supposed to be easy. Thursday would share her husband, Seth, with his other two wives, Monday and Tuesday—two women she’s never met and knows nothing about. No questions asked, no hurt feelings. And for a while, the arrangement works…until Thursday finds a scrap of paper with a name—Monday’s real name—and an address.
Now Thursday can’t stop herself. She wants to know more about this woman: who she is, what she’s like…what Seth sees in her that Thursday doesn’t have.
She orchestrates a fraudulent friendship with Tuesday to get to the truth, what she really signed up for when she agreed to this marriage. But the more she learns about this other wife—and his mysterious first wife, Tuesday—the more she sees that Seth is not the man she thought he was.
As more disturbing details come to light, it becomes clear that there’s a reason why he didn’t want the women to meet after all. A very good reason.
One that Thursday never saw coming.

“Nail-biting, heart-clenchingly good.”—New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Torre

“[A] lightning-fast plot.”—Kirkus

“Suspense fans will be rewarded.”—Publishers Weekly

“Some sharp twists.”—Booklist

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  • Great psychological thriller

    By Jessiep813
    I had no clue what was going on or what to believe. I really enjoyed the audiobook
  • The Wives

    By Mjgetsfit_lsf
    Engaging from the start! I’m so pleased to have discovered a new author. I will be reading her other books!
  • EHHH...

    By Laylaa14
    I was actually disappointed in this book, I feel as though the author dragged a lot of things out that really didn’t need to be said. It was actually kind of confusing and very little details for the main plot were given in my opinion. The ending of the book was flat...everything was flat. I gave this review two stars because of the hype of the book and actually being excited to finish the book, but then being let down. TRAGIC😒
  • Fun read

    By S. Merrell
    I really enjoyed this book. It was a page turner and unexpected. After reading the other reviews about people not liking the ending I almost didn’t read it. I’m glad I did.
  • Awesome book!

    By Hardcore Book Lover
    This was the first book I read by this author, I loved it! I couldn’t put it down and kept trying to guess the who’s and what’s.
  • Ok not great

    By Jedewey
    I’m disappointed with the way the book ends. After reading this genre for so many years and based on previous reviews I was expecting the end to be like the begging of her story. Writers has potential but needs to work on her endings they can’t end flat
  • Good plot-line, predictable ending

    By chai249
    The premise and the first half of the book was interesting, but the ending was so uninspired, predictable, confusing - and almost downright insulting - that I lost all interest. If you’re a regular reader of mystery and thriller novels, you’ll figure out by the middle of the book what the plot twist’ is at the end. ***spoiler alert*** I will say that I feel a bit cheated with the premise of the book only to be given the blasé ending of “she’s crazy and made it up the whole time!” I had hoped for something more creative and interesting instead of the same tired old ending so many authors use. I also hated the way women acted and spoke in this story. It felt like internalized misogyny. I will say that I thought the author had a great writing style and had a very poetic way of describing emotions in characters. I’ll definitely read more of her stuff, but this book felt more of an entry level mystery/thriller than one written for long time fans of the genre.
  • Disappointing

    By Paul4456
    So easy to read but the ending is bad. Disappointed... author has talent but this felt like a cheat.
  • Ok, not amazing

    By lilb33
    I read it quickly because it flows nicely and keeps you interested, but the ending wasn’t what I wanted or expected... all the reading working up to the ending and then it just kinda fell flat. Not a horrible plot but not something I’d recommend. Good author though...
  • Rollercoaster ride

    By polancot23
    This book is amazing and I honestly got two stories in one book. I didn’t expect the ending and I’m very satisfied with how it ended.