Cul de Sac (A Chloe Fine Psychological Suspense Mystery—Book 3) - Blake Pierce

Cul de Sac (A Chloe Fine Psychological Suspense Mystery—Book 3)

By Blake Pierce

  • Release Date: 2019-02-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 356 Ratings


"NEXT DOOR is full of completely unexpected twists—you will read it on the edge of your chair. It is Blake Pierce at his best! Another masterpiece of suspense and mystery. I highly recommend it to the permanent library of all readers that appreciate an excellent thriller, full of psychological suspense and with a completely unexpected ending. This is the first in what promises to be another excellent series. I can hardly wait to read the sequel."
--Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos

CUL DE SAC (A Chloe Fine Mystery) is book #3 in a new psychological suspense series by bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose #1 bestseller Once Gone (Book #1) (a free download) has over 1,000 five-star reviews. 

FBI VICAP Special Agent Chloe Fine, 27, must immerse herself in a suburban world of cliques, gossip and lies, as she races to solve the murder of a seemingly picture-perfect wife and mother on the night of her 20th high school reunion.

Old high school friends, now in their late 30s, have returned back to the same suburban town to raise their kids, and have resurrected the same cliques that sustained and divided them 20 years ago. As their 20th high school reunion brings back old memories, resentment, betrayals and secrets, it causes fresh pain a generation later. On the same night, their former queen bee is found murdered in her home.

In this seemingly perfect, manicured town, the past haunts the present—and anyone and everyone is a suspect.

Can Chloe Fine solve the murder—while wrestling with the demons of her own past, and the potential release from jail of her own father?

An emotionally wrought psychological suspense with layered characters, small-town ambiance and heart-pounding suspense, CUL DE SAC is book #3 in a riveting new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 

Book #4 in the CHLOE FINE series is also now available!


  • Addicting

    By behsjs disnsndn
    So I like these books, they’re crazy easy to read. But Blake Pierce needs a new editor. In the first book, I wrote off his editing mistakes as minor. But throughout the books, there are lots of errors. In one chapter, Blake references how Chloe and Moulton are headed back out to a case but it’s Rhodes, not Moulton, that Chloe is with. Moulton wasn’t around for about 10 chapters before that. It’s these minor details that make it hard to follow but overall, quite an addicting series.
  • Cul de sac by Blake Pierce

    By Clyford17
    How can I read this in Spanish? Please!
  • Cul de Sac

    By covington12345
    I am enjoying this series but the lack of proofreading is very distracting. You can do much better.
  • Please proof read before publishing

    By regretful1
    The stories in this series are pretty good. They would be much better if they were proof read before publishing. The small errors such as spelling mistakes and repeated words are frequent, though I do understand how they can be overlooked. When the wrong character is named or the time of day forgotten, it is a little ridiculous.
  • Cul de Sac

    By sweetpea520
    Not a bad read, just a little slow in places. Had to keep up with who was being talked about because the names were not correct. One chapter Chloe and Rhodes were together and Rhodes was called Agent Moulin after Rhodes took the other agent place. This happens pretty often where wrong names are used. Typos!
  • Poor editing

    By whozon1st
    Though this was a great story, like the 1st two books, it was unedited. Tenses wrong, names wrong, spelling incorrect. A real disappointment. Bad editing.
  • Good storyline, needs an editor

    By NessaPoo2
    Again I really like and enjoy the storyline. But there needs to be some more editing done! Mistakes where naming the wrong character, misspelled words, and timeline errors are very present and distracting. But good storyline and keeps me interested
  • Great story! This Book needs a good editor.

    By buys lots of books
    Pleases get a good editor.
  • Several typos

    By Kevington920
    Good story but a proofreader or editor should definitely review this.
  • Typos galore

    By KMRK85
    Decent enough book. Sure could use a proofreader though.