Red Metal - Mark Greaney & LtCol H. Ripley Rawlings IV, USMC

Red Metal

By Mark Greaney & LtCol H. Ripley Rawlings IV, USMC

  • Release Date: 2019-07-16
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 797 Ratings


A Russian military strike against Europe could change the balance of power in the West. A stunningly realistic view of modern warfare from a battlefield commander and the New York Times bestselling author of The Gray Man

The Russian bear has awakened. Their tanks race across Poland crushing all opposition on a headlong dash for the heart of Germany. Satellite killing missiles blind American forces while Spetznatz teams destroy Allied communications relays. It's all part of a master plan to confuse and defeat America and her allies.

Ranged against the Russian attack are a Marine lieutenant colonel pulled out of a cushy job at the Pentagon and thrown into the fray, a French Special Forces captain and his intelligence operative father, a young Polish female partisan fighter, an A-10 Warthog pilot, and the captain of an American tank platoon who, along with a German sergeant, struggle to keep a small group of American and German tanks in the fight.

Operation Red Metal is a nightmare scenario made real but could it just be the first move on the Russian chessboard?


  • Action packed

    By Jack marino
    Lots of interesting action and character build up. Frightening how easily the scenario could really happen.
  • A10 no burner.

    By geeeerrrryy
    Pretty good, very detailed , but a few loose ends left hanging. Oh, and the warthog has no afterburner :-)
  • Great read

    By PDennison
    Starts a little slow but hang on, it's a page turner!
  • Great Read

    By Frus.trat.ed
    Fast paced with many angles to the action. You get to know many of the players on a personal level both the good guys and bad.
  • Red Metal

    By MJR365bsr!
    Never a dull moment! The plot line full full of surprises, but each one was believable and thrilling. Characters were built in great detail so that each became a good friend, or a hated, but admired, foe. A great story line, well told. It made me proud if our US and NATO men and women! MJR
  • Great Book

    By Medman
    One of the best military thrillers I’ve read in a long time. Seat of your pants from first page to last.
  • Not oike the Grey Man

    By Monte Cristo 1589
    Not bad but not as good as the Grey Man series. Very light on character development. At the end I felt that I knew the Russian generals better than I knew anyone else.
  • Red Metal Shines

    By bobbosquared
    Best book ever writtem by Mark Greaney. I read them all but this one casued me many sleepless nights. One thing i dont get is what not use B52’s to sink the Iranian fleet and other times?
  • Big change to even greater genre

    By WET Sr
    I’m a huge fan of Greanary’s Gray Man series. I’ve been binge reader of all that series - and loving it. Then I took on Red Metal as the one I had not yet read. WOW!! The partnership with the Lt Colonel has produced a totally enthralling combat novel that absolutely cannot be put down. It harkened me back to early Clancy, Bond and other than were of a type I hated to see reach a close on each book. This is a return to that class and I can’t for a next. I’ll warn any reader; don’t pick this one up unless you groove on thrill rides and roller coasters. It’s an experience!!
  • Wow

    By charlie knuckles
    Wow..speechless when asked how to review this book. I’ve read everything mark has written and he’s probably my favorite author and red metal blew his other stuff out of the water. Amazing, easily in the top 5 best books I’ve ever read and I read 177 books last year. Bravo gentlemen