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  • Lovetoread

    By dlpenni
    By the 3~5 books of the series , I was feeling a more childish reaction and had made me feel as if the writing was more sophomoric reader rather then an adult reader
  • Amazing Book

    By Future Mrs. Cautilli
    Another amazing book if you can get over the horrible grammar mistakes. Come on Blake, it’s time for you to get a new editor. You’re storylines are too good to have rookie mistakes in the writing. I look forward to Book #3 - even if I have to look past the grammar issues again. It’s hard to put down these books. Every chapter has you wanting more!
  • Excellent bbok

    By Polockswife
    This book was very good. I loved it.
  • Very poor editing

    By JC Troutstream
    Although I did enjoy the story line, it is very difficult to see past the many, many mistakes that the author makes regarding his own character. Wrong names and places, it is very distracting and takes away from the overall experience.
  • Good read.

    By Chrtine
    There were many spelling errors.
  • A Neighbor’s Lie

    By NessaPoo2
    I thought the story was well played out and enjoyed the book a lot! Towards the end I did find a lot of typos however. Wishing a little more detail was put into the editing. There were places with the incorrect character named, type of day was misstated, and at one point an s was present instead of “a”. But overall I enjoyed this storyline.
  • Needs an editor.

    By buys lots of books
    Great story but for this author to not have a good editor is a major mistake. Very sad.
  • Excellent book

    By agaqt
    Really enjoyed this book. It is a great read
  • Poorly edited

    By emily€
    The book had a decent storyline but there were so many spelling errors as well as calling people by the wrong names and timing that was way off. This took a lot away from the story and made it very difficult to concentrate. It’s as if they released this book without editing it first.