Saladin and the Fall of Jerusalem - Stanley Lane-Poole

Saladin and the Fall of Jerusalem

By Stanley Lane-Poole

  • Release Date: 2018-01-30
  • Genre: Europe


SALADIN is one of the few Oriental Personages who need no introduction to English readers. Sir Walter Scott has performed that friendly office with the warmth and insight of appreciative genius. It was Saladin's good fortune to attract the notice not only of the great romancer, but also of King Richard, and to this accident he partly owes the result that, instead of remaining a dry historical expression, under the Arabic style of "el-Melik en-Nasir Salah-eddin Yusuf ibn Ayyub," he has become, by the abbreviated name of "Saladin," that familiar and amiable companion which is called a household word. The idea, it is true, is vague and romantic.