Meaningful Pointless Conversations - Theodore Palser

Meaningful Pointless Conversations

By Theodore Palser

  • Release Date: 2018-01-10
  • Genre: Short Stories


Two people meet on a train. Then they talk. These two are a little off in the way they speak. Throughout their pointless conversations comes a closeness between the two which allows them to reveal some more meaningful topics. These two can be a little uncomfortable and awkward at first, but they notice that and build on top of it. There are no quotations or proper use of writing skills; instead one person is represented as normal text and the other is represented as bolded and italicized text. Though the conversation becomes more meaningful overtime that doesn't mean it's consistent; sometimes their conversation can fall into pits of silence, not knowing what to say next. These pits of silence are filled with questions from one another and odd uses of language. 

This book focuses on the conversation itself. That is why all other things like the surrounding scene is void, unless it directly affects them. If you want to read a book in a different type of format, then maybe this experimental book could be for you. Instead of one big story that moves the book forward there are many small little stories sprinkled inside the conversation that vary widely. The conversation between these two individuals represents a real conversation in the sense that a real conversation isn't trying to move a story forward, but to get the stories out of each person and understand who they are. Conversations can be meaningful, but not all the time.