The Real Pirates of the Caribbean (Complete Edition: Volume 1&2) - Captain Charles Johnson

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean (Complete Edition: Volume 1&2)

By Captain Charles Johnson

  • Release Date: 2017-05-26
  • Genre: History


This world famous book tells biographies of the greatest pirates who ruled the seas in 18th century. The author, Captain Charles Johnson, was crucially influential in shaping popular conceptions of pirates and more importantly he inspired the classics such as Treasure Island, Peter Pan, On Stranger Tides…; and more recently the movie saga Pirates of the Caribbean and the series Black Sails. This history introduced many features which later became common in pirate literature, such as pirates with missing legs or eyes, the notion of pirates burying treasure, and the name of the pirate flag the Jolly Roger. The book covers the lives and incredible exploits of the following pirates and their crew:
Captain Avery
Captain Martel
Captain Teach, alias Blackbeard
Major Stede Bonnet
Edward England
Charles Vane
Captain John Rackam
Captain John Phillips
The Life of Mary Read & Anne Bonny
Captain Howel Davis
Captain Bartho Roberts
Captain Anstis
George Lowther
Edward Low
John Evans
Captain Spriggs
An Account of the Pyracies and Murders committed by Philip Roche, &c.
The Trial of the Pirates at Providence
An Abstract of the Civil Law and Statute Law now in Force, in Relation to Pyracy
Captain Misson
John Bowen
William Kid
Captain Tew
Thomas White
Captain Condent
A Description of Magadoxa
Captain Bellamy
Captain William Fly
Of Capt. Thomas Howard
Of Captain Lewis
Of Captain Cornelius
Of Capt. David Williams
Of Capt. Samuel Burgess
Of Capt. Nathaniel North
Of Captain Teach
Of Major Bonnet
Of Captain Worley
Of Captain Martel
Of Captain Vane
Of Captain Bowen
Captain Charles Johnson is the British author whose real identity remains a mystery but the manner in which he demonstrates a knowledge of the sailor's speech and life, suggests that he could have been an actual sea captain or a professional writer using a pseudonym who was well versed in the sea.