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  • One of his best

    By Jean-Louis-DC
    Read it in one scoop
  • Well done

    By Dreamin' Steven
    The story pulls you along, with a tenacious detective whose job is not simple and whose direction is not clear. I keep waiting for her to give up, but….
  • Loved this new character

    By Meohmyohmy
    I have read all the Bosch books and thoroughly enjoy all these books. I saw this book with Detective Ballard and took a chance. As always, the writing, plot, and characters were perfect. I hope that there will be more books forthcoming with Detective Ballard.
  • Pure Joy of a Read!

    By hdcp 10.4
    I enjoy every one of Connelly’s books! Intense, realistic & imaginative. JDingus
  • Slow to middlin’

    By Six rivers red
    Started slow - almost stopped but got better with some nice twists to the ending
  • Michael Connelly fan and book is why!

    By Hydrophillic
    Great book. Michael gives you enough information that I want to know what happens next. He’s good at not giving the whole story away. You’re never quite sure how the story is going to unfold and he has several threads running at the same time. Sometimes the story jumps a little bit and I miss the filler, but the story is so good that it’s OK.
  • Yay, can’t wait for the next one

    By Dan Daily
    Well written story that I had very few clues about the ending. Love not knowing!
  • Late Show

    By Am book reader
    Looking forward to seeing more of Officer Rene Ballard...hopefully paired with Bosch. Oh! Wish granted. Excellent book, highly recommend.
  • Excellent title

    By SnorkelJack
    Fast moving story, Michael Connelly is an excellent story teller. His experience with the police department allows you to visualize from the inside how crimes are solved. Another well written mystery thriller.
  • Enough of the political corectness

    By Cat mandu 2015
    Always was a fan of this author, I wish this new character series was not saturated with obnoxious political correctness.