Amazing Facts about Penguins - Tidels

Amazing Facts about Penguins

By Tidels

  • Release Date: 2016-10-15
  • Genre: Animals


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“Amazing Facts About Penguins” provides lots of fascinating and fact-based information about the life of Penguins. Penguins spend seventy-five percent of their lives in water., they are classified as birds because they have feathers, but they cannot fly. This non-fiction book provides young penguin enthusiasts with lots of detailed information about penguins in a very accessible format. The book includes brilliant colorful images & well chosen words to help children learn more about Penguins. Besides the amazing colorful images the book covers some interesting insights about Penguins, where penguins like to live, how they survive extreme weather conditions, different species of penguins such as the emperor penguin, the blue penguin and much more.  The book starts with a discussion of the different kinds of penguins and where they live. It then goes on to describe how penguins – one of just a few species of flightless bird – are well adapted for life in the water. The book also describes their annual courting and mating rituals, how penguins prepare their nests, and how they take care of their eggs and young penguin chicks. 
Therefore, this book about Penguins is a great educational ebook for children of all ages. The book is designed exclusively for the young reader, and presents information in a manner that is clear and yet not over-simplified.