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  • Avery Black

    By Rosie Lynn 65
    The story lines are good but I would like more character development with other characters equally as important to the story as Avery.
  • Page turner

    By lindas loves
    From the very first page till the very last page I couldn't put the book down. Excellent story line, wonderful characters too.
  • Excellent

    By Bookworm Sue
    The time flies when you are reading this book and getting involved with the characters!
  • A Cause To Run

    By JBKessel
    A real page turner. Very realistic characters. I always like police stories. The kind of story you don’t want to put down but you don’t want it to end.
  • Cause To Run

    By getlt
    Really great reading!!!!!
  • Cause to Run

    By Joe in Michigan
    Page turner!
  • CAUSE TO RUN BY Blake Pierce

    By Vickielr
    Excellent story, lots of action and twisting plot keeps you on your toes. Just love Avery Black(detective). Well worth your time to read but make sure you have time because this just can't be put down! Vickie Reed
  • Cause to hide

    By IPMPH
    Thriller with characters that blend so well into the story that you will be up late into the night unable to put the book down. I would recommend this series to all those looking for a good thriller.
  • Are there really women like this?!

    By Turtlehill
    Avery is a female detective that has an extraordinary ability to solve crimes. The story grips you and holds you right there at the scene of the crime and chases you to the end!
  • More cons than pros

    By nea.sof
    Honestly not super realistic. Wish it would be relevant in the human world. Maybe focus a bit more on the plot to extend the books length.