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  • Empowering, humorous, and insightful read!

    By Law_School_Fitness
    Charlamagne did a fantastic job at illustrating how you don’t have to start with favorable circumstances to pursue your passion and become successful! He does so by alluding to a litany of different anecdotes from his upbringing, detailing his pitfalls and shortcomings in a provocative, and vulnerable way! His takes are controversial and bold per usual, his philosophy and lessons are infused with humor as well. That aspect of it makes it a very fun read as well, however the icing on the cake had to be his inclusion of Hip-Hop as a positive influence in his life. He expanded on how many of the artists he listened to growing up influenced not only his thinking on the surface level, but with other life values such as religion(the Five Percenters). Lastly, I’d like to mention that this isn’t the prototypical Black American dream story either, you know when the poor black kid grows up and finally makes it out the hood to become a rapper/ball player. His story juxtaposes that common story line because his dream to make it out was a unique route. Although it included many of the stereotypical aspects of the cliche story due to Charlamagne’s mistakes being detailed, it’s still very unique due to how he discovered his passion. As well as his unconventional route to living out his passion. You find yourself getting inspired by his story, as it is very relatable, without being too cliche. Excellent read for anyone who is doubting themselves in life, especially if you are a minority. Honestly, you won’t regret reading this!
  • Classic

    By Blacktyeaffairs
    This is a instant classic
  • Love it

    By Hares1370
    I don’t read books a lot but this book is a really good read about how to look at life
  • Thumbs up!

    By Balsybelsy
    An insightful and relatable book indeed. I could barely put it down. Love the practicality of it all. God bless you!
  • Dope Book

    By Jase Dupree
    This book applies to the black man or women who walk around doubting there inner power. Tap Tap Tap In!
  • It’s a must read !!

    By Eze Uchanma
    Answers questions that I asked myself everyday as a 18 year old striving for greatness growing up in the slums of Brooklyn I highly recommend
  • Good book

    By Dmajesty46
    Good book. You should read it too!

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  • Amazing Read

    By SuperDuteeDoug
    Coming from Beaufort, SC I understand and appreciate the gems that Charlamagne drops. This book spoke to me and helped me understand my process. I am destined for greatness and I’m going to continue to respect the process and grind (continue to develop my career and hobbies) as there’s no limit.
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