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  • Dangerous Minds

    By Sam63799932588
    Thank you for another great adventure! Love the chemistry between Knight and Moon.
  • Evanovich at the top of her

    By XIowaNewsGuy
    Brimming with humor, wonderful characters and intricate plotting worthy of a top sci-fi novel. After reading her Stephanie Plum books, it surpassed expectations, and I love those books. The research here was substantial and the karma is excellent.
  • Too Ridiculous

    By Voratious Reader
    The firs few Stephanie Plum books were fun, but this book is just too ridiculous
  • Fun

    By Al and Gina
    As with all of Evanovich’s books it was a fun mindless read.
  • Ridiculous

    By Belmar65
    This book is terrible. It just rambles and it seems as if author is attempting to be more comedic than trying to develop a good plot.
  • Hard to Finish

    By catieh42
    As a Stephanie Plum fan, I’m familiar with the formula for a Janet Evanovich book. There’s not much variation — a cute and quirky heroine and a smart and sexy (yet always somehow dysfunctional) hero have a mutual attraction that is constantly referenced but never settled, and they encounter a bizarre villain. It usually produces an enjoyable, if shallow, story that you can read straight through. Not this time. It has taken me a month to get through this book. Why? Because I couldn’t make myself care. I couldn’t make myself pay attention. I couldn’t remember anything I’d already read when I picked it back up. Ugh. I just finished it and I feel like I’m leaving a dental exam... slight sense of accomplishment for not cancelling it, but mostly thankful it’s over.
  • Good book

    By La Gato13
    Good book + well written, did anyone catch the tribute they paid to Buffy the vampire musical? (Once more with feeling)It was "Showtime"and I'll let Buffy fans find the other one.
  • Curious minds

    By Lollipopski
    Classic Evanovich!
  • Pretty lame

    By MarkWhiteLotus
    Interesting premise but ruined by cartoon characters and silly dialogue. Anyone who calls a magazine a clip shouldn't write action novels. Save your money.
  • Not The Best

    By Bmchass
    Story didn't flow very well - I usually finish her books in a day or two. I've been reading this one for a week and can't bring myself to finish it. Super disappointed.