I Will Chomp You! - Jory John & Bob Shea

I Will Chomp You!

By Jory John & Bob Shea

  • Release Date: 2015-08-04
  • Genre: Fiction for Kids


STOP RIGHT THERE. Don’t move a muscle, buster. Stay out of this book or I WILL CHOMP YOU! 
So says the not-so-fierce inhabitant of I Will Chomp You!, a tale of deception, greed . . . and cake!
Jory John and Bob Shea bring a fresh, hilarious twist to a time-tested blueprint as their little monster threatens, reasons, and pleads with readers to go no further in the book because he will NOT share his beautiful, delicious cakes. Children will identify with the monster’s high valuation of his possessions, and (importantly) will laugh at the silly measures he takes to protect them.

This Read & Listen edition contains audio narration.